see me see trouble  

Posted by Shadowthrone

ok i was walking home today,i was coming from the library(i do sum volunteering work when im bored),so i decided to talk this small alley(abi na shortcut dem they call am)...sha na so i dey waka i come see these two Akata boys...them full road...i have one bad habit i like staring at people,short,tall fat,thin ill look at you( i have to stop that )Sha most likely one of them got pissed by a girl(i dont know why that comes to mind but my hunches are always i no be winsh lol ).Anyways i walked and passed them but i looked at them very well...(these Akatas seem to feel they are better than we that come from from Africa-but that one is blogging for another day) thats how one of them look me sef they look am(abi?)i even one say "waasup" na so the idiot tell me talk say im dey vex today say i get problem with am?I stopped,turned back looked at this dude like "wtf?!" I said no.I turned back,laffed out loud and countinued on my walk..Two things were in my mind.If i wait see wetin the idiot go do i be mugu because definitely if it became a fight it would be 3 against 1(the had another friend behind them) and it would be stupid to fight.Second,that day i read 1 Cor 13.Love ya Neighbour as urself....(If nt for God!!!lol).But jokes apart i was a bit upset.The guy was later talking tell his friend that i was walking like " i was the shit ".Yes!!!i am the shit!!!!u cant copy my swagger so dont hate holmes!!!Go to UNILAG!!!u will learn true swagger there!lol....but come to think of sef i dey overdo sometimes...and i always feel like im keeping a low profile but it seems that is nt the case....

Well people....Im on a campaign....Love ur Neighbour as Urself campaign...and it is that old lady get off the trolley or train...say hi to people on the street!!smile!!!smiles work wonders in the hearts of the word for the month....LOVE!!!♥♥♥

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lol i am feeling your blog. Nice, abeg nothing do you jor, but sometime its good to respect ya self

first time here,u are welcome to blogsville,cheers

im smiling!! lol
nice post..

Spread the love...
be like say this blog get too much swag.
But u never update, werrin?